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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I try to use this blog to inspire other to do and want more from themselves.  Today I want to hint on the subject of discipline.  Discipline means you have a goal or make a decision and see it through until the end.  I remember when I was coaching youth football, I had to instill discipline into the players before I could teach them anything about football.  Having discipline means you are committed to what task you have in front of you, no matter what it is.  N ow we are all human so there will be time when we do not give discipline to the matter in front of us.  But, have discipline means you will be able get yourself back on track.  Each individual has to make their own rules and guidelines to follow.  These rules and guidelines will be your guide to remaining disciplined.  Without it, your mind will wonders and your actions will not be consistent with what your ultimate goals are.  If you obtain your discipline you will obtain your goals and be successful.

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