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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tips on losing weight

  • Weight loss is 70-75% diet and 25-30% exercise. You can’t just workout and eat poorly and expect to lose weight. You NEED a healthy diet.

  • Drink water! water can help you to feel full and eat less, can help flush toxins out of the body, and dehydration can slow down metabolism

  • If you feel hungry, try to drink a glass of water and see how you feel in 10 minutes. Sometimes when you think you are hungry, you are really just thirsty

  • Avoid alcohol if possible. nutrition wise it’s not the best, plus it can decrease your metabolism.

  • Don’t skip breakfast and try to eat it early to kickstart your metabolism

  • When snacking and eating meals make sure you are getting protein and fiber to help you feel full.

  • strength train! The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism will be.

  • Eat slowly and eat while sitting down.

  • Try to keep yourself busy, so that you don’t just eat out of boredom.

  • Find an exercise that you like. If you are doing something you hate, you won’t be able to stick with it.

  • Don’t plan on dieting for a month and then stopping. Try to make a lifestyle change.

  • Tell people about your weight loss or fitness goals, and accountability partners are great.

  • Eat fruits and veggiesDon’t get too obsessed with the scale or a certain weight number. A pound of fat and a pound of muscle look much different.

  • Don’t get too stressed about the weight loss. It’s a journey.
  • Sunday, November 11, 2012

    D.E.T.A.I.L.S The Book

    So its been awhile since my last post, but that's because I have working on a book that I would like to get published in the future.  As most people know, I am an IT in the Navy and will retire soon.  After retirement from the military, I would like to pursue a career in health and fitness.  I have working working on a plan for people would like to return and get to a healthy lifestyle.  Right now I am going to school in efforts to receive my degree in Sports and Health Science and eventually becoming a trainer and dietitian.  Those are my dreams, and without dreams you have no goals.  My ultimate goal is to improve my health and the health of others.

    Saturday, October 20, 2012

    The Yo-Yo Game again

    Why is it so hard to be committed to working out, being healthy and tracking it.  Truth is, it is a lot of hard work.  My goal is to develop a plan that will last 90 days, that will improve your overall physical health, and with some motivation and discipline by you improve your overall health.  Although the plan I want to create will be fitness in nature, nutrition plays an even more important role than the exercise itself. I need to get myself disciplined enough to complete the plan, put it in paper and execute it with the assistance of my beautiful wife. 

    You see, we recently had out first child.  A little girl named Nina R. Brown.  She has become our pride and joy and we both would like to start continue to improve our live overall so that she has positive parent to aspire to.

    Having kids really changes your focus and outlook on life.

    How has having a child changed your life?

    Friday, September 21, 2012

    Today was a good day

    After my change in mindset a couple of days ago, this morning I decided to get up and make myself (and my wife) some breakfast.  Nothing to fancy, just a simple breakfast that took only about 10-15 minutes to make. 

    (low sodium salt bacon, eggs, toast, oatmeal and milk)
    So after I got myself ready and walked our 3 dogs, I headed to school for the day to take my exam.  By 10:00 I was headed home to start my day.  I did my usual Friday routine which is mowing our yard.
    (check out the calf muscles)
    After my yard work was completed, I decide I need to get some more work in so I took my bike for a ride through the neighborhood and the biking trail. My ride took about an hour and I was able to finish 15 miles of riding. After that time to spend some quality time with the wife.
    (I won this bike in a raffle at fat frogs in Chesapeake, Virginia.  Its a single speed Dasani bike and I love it )

    Thursday, September 20, 2012

    Back on Track

    One of the hardest things to do when trying to get in shape or stay in shape is being consistant.  I once read that whenever you do something over and over for an extended period of time it becomes a habit.  Living healthy is no different.  But, why is it so hard to do, even for the individuals who are in shape, are into fitness and are already living healthy lifestyles.  The reason is DISCIPLINE.  You have got to be disciplined and you have to challenge yourself.  Your biggest competitor has to be yourself.  Yesterday I realized that I was not living up to my potential in many phases of my life.  I noticed that I gave myself excuse after excuse to just do the bare minimum.  So I decided to do something about it.  Today I decided that I would finish anything I started, so I figured today would as good a time as any to get back into the mode of being physically active on a daily basis.  I could wait to get out of school today so that I could get home and work out in my garage. and drink a smoothie that my wife helped me prepare by cutting and freezing fresh fruit.

    Being a person who enjoys the healthy lifestyle and exercise, I know the importance of eating healthy and fueling the body properly.  I drank and protein loaded smoothie (along with other ingredients) before and after my workout.

    (almond breeze vanilla milk, plain oatmeal, amplified wheybolic extreme 60 protein, wheat germ, flax seed, Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, ice)

    (looks delicious)
    So today decided to get my priorities back together by doing a chest workout and finishing with a 2 mile jog.  Below is my sequence of events for my garage workout.
    Push Ups
    3 Sets of 10 - - - Regular
    2 Sets of 8 - - - Wide
    1 Set of 12 - - - Close (Diamond)
    30 Sit Ups on Flat Bench
    2 Sets of 8 - - - Dumbbell Fly @ 35 lbs
    30 Sit Ups on Flat Bench with 5 lb weight
    1 Set of 12 - - - Dumbbell Flat Bench Press @ 45 lbs
    1 Set of 10 - - - Dumbbell Flat Bench Press @ 55 lbs
    1 Set of 6 - - - Dumbbell Flat Bench Press @ 65 lbs
    30 Sit Ups on Flat Bench with 10 lb weight
    1 Set of 12 - - - Dumbbell Incline Fly @ 30 lbs
    1 Set of 8 - - - Dumbbell Incline Fly @ 40 lbs
    30 Sit Ups on Flat Bench with 15 lb weight
    2 Set of 10 - - - Dumbbell Incline Press @ 40 lbs
    Max Push Ups - - - 15
    2.26 Mile Run/Jog - - - 20:26 @ 8:53 Pace
    What I enjoy about the area I live in is that there is a beautiful trail about 1/2 mile away from where I live.  There are always people out there fishing, reading, jogging, biking, walking, eating, playing with their dogs and just hanging out and relaxing.  Running this trail allows me to just relax and enjoy the scenery and get some good cardio for my heart without even thinking about it.
    (starting point for 1.5 mile jog around the lake)

    (finish point for 1.5 mile jog around the lake, you can see the starting point in the distance)
    So if you have been in the same position I have and need a kick in the butt, this is your kick.  Get up, get out and reach for your goal.  Nothing will come to you if you don't put in the work.  Having dream, goal and aspirations are important, but trying to achieve those dream, goal and aspiration are more important.

    Tuesday, September 4, 2012

    Sunday, September 2, 2012

    Protein Shake

    I always try and drink a protein shake after my work out.  Its been about 2 weeks since I really exercised on a regular basis and yesterday I was really feeling it.  I tried to run for a hour but it only ended up being about 15 minutes.  I was so out of shape it wasn't funny.  I guess its true what they say, it takes a long to get in shape and not long at all to get out of shape.  Today I ran for 45 minutes at a slow pace just to get myself use to moving again.  Weird.

    After my workout this is was I put in my protein shake.

    Thursday, August 30, 2012

    PLYO Box

    My first creation plyometric box that i will use...I will post pictures tomorrow...stand by.   Show me you homemade exercise equipment.

    Tuesday, August 7, 2012

    I'm Back

    Its been awhile since my last post, but want to keep everyone abreast of what I have been up to.  I really taken a liken to running.  My goal is to run a marathon after I become a father as a present to myself.  Wife is due in late October or early November.  Just moved to Virginia and starting to get use to the place.  At work we are all part of the presidential fitness challenge.  About 3 weeks ago I was in last place (new guy).  Today I have moved up to ninth.  My nutrition has really going well also.  I have managed to gain a few pounds despite my high activity levels.  Not sure if its because I am doing something right or because I am getting older.  Whichever it is I will take it.