Saturday, May 12, 2012

Family Time

How important is it to spend time with your family.  I know for me it make all the difference in how close I am to my wife and my unborn child.  Spending quality time with family allows you to bond and build meaningful relationships with the ones you love.  My wife and I use to have date night every Friday.  For about 6 months we knew that on Friday night we would spend time together.  After a while we started taking it for granted and starting letting work and other life issues get in the way of our time.  What I noticed is that when that happened we started to grow apart from one another.  So to fix it, we started spending our weekends together, starting with Friday night date night, followed by Saturday afternoon events and then Sunday morning church service and some afternoon lunch. 

Spending time with the one or the ones you love should not be taken for granted.  Although family will always be family, you still have to treat them as though they will not be around forever and try to take advantage of every moment you can with them.

I hope this short read inspires some to get back to spending quality time with their wife, husband, child, children or any one they feel is important to them.

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